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Link Bait, Linkbait

What is link bait?

link bait | linkbait

Link bait is a simple concept. You place something on your site that acts as bait for links. It attracts links. People link to your site not because you want them to, but because they really want to. They want to tell people about whatever bait you place there. You place the bait and then let people know about it and wait for the links to roll in. These are the very best type of links you can have.

So what is link bait? It's simply something so interesting, useful, entertaining, funny, sexy, intriguing or perhaps even disgusting that people will link to it because they just need to tell their friends and colleagues about it.

So what can you do? Well, an obvious idea is hosting a blog on a subject related to the area you work in. Blogs are very easy to create. What is a blog? It's really just a content management system. So whether you create content within a blog or using more traditional web development methods, it's all content at the end of the day. Perhaps you can provide useful tools of some sort.


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