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A current trend among internet users today is local search engine optimization. It allows users to make their searches for businesses, products or services location-specific. As an internet marketing technique, this SEO strategy diverts locate traffic to your website, thus increasing the number of people who visit your website daily. It is a widely used and successful technique that will help catapult your business into the forefront of the local community.

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First, call (561) 281-8330 or (866) 554-2588. Your company will achieve higher PageRank in both local and language-specific search engines, resulting in an upsurge in the number of potential interested buyers of your products or services. With internet marketing 24-7, high-quality visitors will be directed to your site regularly, ensuring you an optimum GEO-targeted audience.

With a well-laid-out local search optimization campaign, your website visitors will have a far easier time locating your business, thereby increasing your chances of establishing direct contact with new potential clients.

Increasing the visibility of your website is easy and can be performed using a number of techniques including but not limited to: ...........
  • Mobile search
  • Google Places
  • Google Maps
  • Press Releases published in local directories
  • conducting local city search
  • Displaying pertinent information on your website

Our website is central to our business success and is considered to be a work in progress. With a never ending emphasis on development and improvements, and based on Klick Twice Technologies performance to date, we anticipate a continued and long business relationship. I would highly recommend Klick Twice for all levels of website development.

Larry Maloney, VP Business Development

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