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Twitter is perhaps one of the most unique social media websites around. Specifically, it is “micro-blogging,” allowing you to keep in contact with your “followers” with 140-character posts. Similar to other social media websites like Facebook, many people join Twitter to keep in touch with friends and family. As a business owner however, you can utilize this tool to your advantage, reaching hundreds or thousands of followers several times each day with a “tweet.” Position yourself as an expert in your niche, promote your online newsletter and direct people to your website or other social media websites all with short daily tweets.

You can also develop strong business relationships with other professionals. It’s important to remember that these microblogs are more than individual posts, but a means of developing an overall impression about you as a professional. A strong following with fellow business contacts can play key role in growing your company. These individuals may be interested in partnering with you on joint ventures in the future or referring customers to you. What began as a way for friends to keep in touch has evolved into a means for business relations to flourish.

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Art Brownstein, Managing Director, the National Network of Organ Donors

Marketing on Twitter

Utilizing Twitter as a marketing tool will allow you to communicate with your current or future clients quickly, frequently and easily. By taking part in the social media landscape, you are showing clients as well as other business professionals that you are up to date on the latest technology and communication trends. Think about it, wouldn’t your customer be happier if they could send you a quick message rather than always having to rely on a phone call?

There’s no better time to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. Here’s how to get started:

  • Join Twitter and create a profile. Be sure to include details about you and your interests as well as your business. Remember, you want to develop a relationship with your followers. Include a photo and a link to your website.
  • Start off with a few tweets that will interest your target market. You won’t want to start promoting your business just yet. Rather, begin with some simple posts that will catch the eye of your intended audience and help fill up your new page.
  • Promote your new Twitter account on your business website, company newsletter or other social media sites. This will help you gather followers and also introduce your current clients to your Twitter account.
  • Start following people in your niche market. You can begin with the “Find People” link. Search for keywords related to your business. You’ll quickly find plenty of other like-minded individuals who you can begin following. Often, they follow you back and your list of followers will flourish from there.
  • Connect and Tweet. Now comes the fun part. Tweet tips, advice, quotes or links to other articles, websites or videos. You’ll want to tweet frequently so people see you. And be sure to connect personally with your followers using the “reply to” and “direct message” features. These can be important tools for developing lasting professional relationships.

Getting started is easy!

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