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Promoted Pins Grow Your business

What are Promoted Pins?

pinterest promoted pins

Pinterest is a very unique image driven social platform

Reach more customers

Pinterest is a very unique image driven social platform which has become popular in the last few years. It is especially useful for businesses since they can showcase their products as well as services through images. Users find this platform helpful as they can quickly check out product images before making any purchase decision as well as share them with other users (re-pin).

What are Promoted Pins?

Now it is possible for businesses to advertise on Pinterest [1] by using promoted pins which is based on Cost Per Click (CPC) model where you do not pay until anyone clicks on your promoted pins.

Benefits of promoted pins for businesses include:

Promoted pins perform better than normal organic pins. Since paid pins are created using more resources and thought, these pins are considered to be worthy of being pinned by users.

  • It has been found through analysis that these pins continue to perform even after the campaign ends.
  • The success achieved from Pinterest advertising is uniform whether you are into financial services, auto or food or any other industry. How promoted pins are useful for your business?

Influences Purchase Decision:

According to a recent research, approximately 38% of Pinterest active users purchasing goods or services do so after viewing the product on Pinterest. Due to large user base Pinterest has, you could see an increase in your sales after using Pinterest as an advertising platform.

Advertising Success:

Pinterest in one of its recent blog postsprovided some insight into how successful advertising on this platform is turning out to be for businesses:

  • Due to promoted pins brands experienced around 30% increase in free impressions they receive.
  • Even after end of any campaign, advertisers received almost 5% increase in their free impressions in the next month after campaign ended.
  • Get Your Brand’s Presence Felt on Mobile Apps – Motion Based Promoted Pins

Now you can advertise on apps using the motion based pins which are also called cinematic pins. The main aspect of these pins is that these can accommodate different visuals like for example a movie trailer.

App Installs:

As an advertiser you will also be able to create pins which will let Pinterest users install your app directly from the promoted pin. This can be a great option if you want to get more install for your app.

Get Viewer’s Attention: Another feature of these cinematic pins is that the object within the pin starts to move as the person scrolls through the page. Image also stops to move if the person stops scrolling. If the person zooms in, the video added in the pin continues to play. The movement can certainly attract user’s attention and lead to higher clicks on your ads, leading to more installs of your app or visitor traffic to your site.

The Take Away

Promoted pins are certainly something to look at if you are trying to expand your business, get more traffic and sales and build brand awareness.

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