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Pay Per Click Marketing Management - Print It

Pay Per Click Marketing, working 30 minutes a week

ppc in 30  minutes

Ready, Set … Click

When the PPC (pay per click) accounts are set up and rolling, account management should run like a finely tuned PPC car. The PPC car needs regular tune-ups and maintenance in order to perform at the highest level.

When you have regularly scheduled checkups daily, monthly, quarterly and semi-annually, you can respond to changes faster and increase your return on investment. There is a strong correlation between regular activity and relative success when it comes to Pay Per Click campaigns. That is to say, the advertisers that get the highest scores (because they're beating everyone else in terms of key metrics like Quality Score, click-through rate, and impression) usually spend the most time in their PPC accounts.

You don’t have the time …. It’s totally understandable, who has the time. If you don't make the time to visit your campaigns, then your ROI is going to crash and burn. Logging into your AdWords account once per week can make a difference. That is assuming your actually do some tweaking and optimization and not just looking around. Try this for the next month, login, doing some work, and logout. You can see steady improvement in your PPC performance in just 30 minutes a week.

For the record, this is a minimum and not and end all solution. It will get you organized and on track for better ROI.

The stop watch is ticking:

  • Minutes 0-3, Reset Your Password -- You probably forgot it by now because you haven’t been in the account in so long
  • Minutes 4-5, Check Your Budget -- Raise bids on keywords with strong performance, Lower bids on keywords that are depleting your budget
  • Minutes 6-8, Pause Poorly Performing Keywords -- Look for keyword with: Low ROI, and/or, Low Quality Scores
  • Minutes 9-14, Keyword Research -- Add new keywords to extend your reach. Identify negative keywords to reduce wasteful clicks. Test with different keyword match types
  • Minutes 15-20, Ad Text Optimization -- Write new text for your worst two ads and test. Test a new headline and different call to action
  • Minutes 21-24, Check Campaign Relevancy and Improve -- Split your largest ad group into two groups. Make them smaller and more targeted groups. Create a new and more targeted landing pages
  • Minutes 25-29, PPC Reporting -- Set goals for next month and track your progress
  • Minutes 30, Coffee Break -- Nicely done, you have just done more in the last 30 minutes then 70% of your PPC competitors
Follow this workflow each week for one month. And see how your results have improved!

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