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Responsive Web Design

Benefits of responsive website designs

The Relationship of Google and Responsive Web Design.

RWD (Responsive Website Design) is the ability to change formats depending on which platform is accessing your website. In other words, if a person is using their tablet to access your website, instead of their PC, your website will reformat to operate correctly. This is a mobile solution unlike any of the previous solutions to date and one that seems to speak for itself based on the acceptance and preference of mobile users.

So the actual question is in regards to SEO, is if a responsive website layout will actually enhance the results in search engines? yes it will! Here are two reasons.

The Relationship of Google and Responsive Web Design.

Most businesses take their Google marketing very seriously and if you're looking to maintain your top standing in the search engines, Google will reward you. They actually recommend using RWD if you're looking to target more mobile traffic and favor websites that are in fact mobile-optimized when users are searching from a mobile device. A completely separate mobile site versus a responsive web design is still being debated by some. If you're looking at this from the perspective of SEO, a responsive website is more in your favor. The reason being, Google crawls and indexes content on your site, so a responsive site will only have a single URL and one set of all the pages and files that make up their website. Whereas, a completely separate mobile site will have it's own URL and HTML making it tougher on Google to crawl.

One Website, One URL

It much easier to maintain one set of files that can handle the desktop and the mobile users. While it's best to have a responsive site, there are still benefits of using a mobile site on all its own. For instance, if your site contains more content than most (like a news site would) users might have an easier time navigating a site designed for mobile, rather than a never-ending scroll of content that can easily deter users.


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